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Larae Angel

Larae Angel

Having a smile that looks completely natural is a real confidence boost. Now, it just feels a lot better to get dressed up and go out!

People are noticing something different about Larae. When she tells them it’s her teeth, they go on and on about how much happier she seems.

“No, I just smile more,” is what Larae said she typically replies.

Larae has struggled with discolored and crooked teeth her entire life. After numerous failed attempts at professional whitening and some temporary solutions with another dentist, Larae searched for a new dental office. A friend recommended Dr. Josh Dolin at Morgantown Dental Group. She was elated when Dr. Dolin asked for her perspective about her teeth appearance and dental health on her first visit.

“We just talked through everything—what all the options were, and how I felt about my teeth. I thought, ‘Well, gee, no one has ever even asked me those questions,’” Larae admitted.

He explained that Larae would be a great candidate for porcelain veneers. Dr. Dolin worked with Larae to create that perfect fit for her mouth.

“That was my biggest concern—that they were going to look like dentures. And they don’t,” Larae said with satisfaction.

After one to two months of extensive veneer procedures, Larae felt she received “really comprehensive and personalized care.” She feels that the Morgantown Dental Group staff is sensitive toward its patients, weighing costs and outcomes thoroughly for every situation, and always looking out for the patients’ best interests.

Larae describes her experience with Dr. Dolin and Morgantown Dental Group as incomparable, and the outcome has done wonders for her confidence. She couldn’t be more grateful.

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