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We are passionate about mini-dental implants and your total satisfaction

Don’t settle for a subpar smile, come see Josh and take control of your dental health. You can be confident that the end result will meet your expectations.


There aren’t many aspects of dentistry that a patient truly looks forward to. When you can give a person a beautiful smile through small changes or full-mouth makeovers you can really change their lives. That is so rewarding to me.

Meet Josh Dolin, DDS

Believe it or not, dentists are people too. I understand the fears some people have when going to the dentist. Because of this, my goal is to provide great dentistry, personable service, and compassionate care. Josh understands that a dental visit is something that can cause a certain amount of anxiety in most people. Because of this, he believes in providing both quality dentistry and a warm, friendly atmosphere. His goal is to provide the best possible treatment for each patient while ensuring flexibility to customize that treatment to match each individual’s wants and needs. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, mini-dental implants, and full-mouth reconstruction Josh is perfectly suited.

Meet Our Coordinator

Andrea Antion is an active member in the local community and has more than a decade of experience providing quality customer service and hospitality throughout North Central, WV. Andrea is a natural relationship builder and enjoys helping our patients overcome concerns in regard to treatment. Andrea will be the main point of contact for new patient consultations and will help assist any current Morgantown Dental patients, who are implant candidates to understand the long-term benefits available to them.

coordinator Portrait
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