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Mini-dental implants and cosmetic dentistry are an art.

It takes a visionary eye, experience, skill, and knowledge to shape a person’s smile into something truly amazing.

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We are all about making positive and healthy life changes for you.

That's why we love what we do. It’s our opportunity to provide quality dental services that go beyond the basics. You are our inspiration.

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6,000+ Implants Placed
Experience matters, and we have that in abundance.

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Cost Savings
Mini dental implants can provide significant cost savings compared to traditional options.

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Time Savings
Your time is important, and mini dental implants are quick and effective.

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12,000+ Crowns/Veneers
Improving smiles and building confidence is our business.

How Does the Process Work for Cosmetic Dentistry?


Free Consultation

Generally, the first visit is a consultation to gather information from the patient and discuss their wants and needs.


Treatment Plan

From there we evaluate the case carefully with an examination and X-rays if necessary. Combining the information the patient has provided as to what they would like to correct with what we determine is needed, we provide all available options to correct the issues at hand. We go over pros and cons of each option as well as time frame and costs involved.


Get Started

Once the patient has selected the choice that best suits their interests, we finalize a treatment plan and put the plan into action.

Case Studies

Ava Munza

Ava Munza

It feels really good to smile again and have my confidence back.

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Hans Tryon

Hans Tryon

Dr. Dolin is a great dentist and drastically improved my quality of life.

Ben Borza

Ben Borza

It was worth the wait to work with Dr. Dolin.

Mike Green

Mike Green

I used to be self-conscious about my smile, but now I have the confidence to smile, be outgoing, have fun, and enjoy life thanks to Dr. Dolin. Dental implants have been a game-changer for me.

Sammie Cottrill

Sammie Cottrill

Quick, wonderful dentist and staff. I really appreciate my implants.

Sam Jacobs

Sam Jacobs

Now I feel great and can eat what I like again. Especially peanuts! I love those things and can grind em up as much as I like!

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