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Here is a closer look at the advantages of dental implants and cosmetic dentistry

Smile Makeover

At Morgantown Dental Group, we begin each patient’s experience with new patient evaluation and hygiene appointments. During this appointment, Drs. Dolin spends valuable time with you discussing your aesthetic and oral health goals, answerin...

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Dental Bonding

As highly trained dentists, Drs. Josh Dolin uses a variety of techniques to enhance the aesthetics of their patient's smiles. One of the most versatile of these procedures is dental bonding. At Morgantown Dental Group we offer this treatmen...

Teeth Whitening

There is nothing more welcoming than a gorgeous, white grin. Unfortunately, as we age, our teeth tend to lose their natural luster. Dr. Josh Dolin uses convenient at-home and in-office teeth whitening treatments to remove the stains that ap...


As with the rest of your body, daily wear and tear takes a toll on your teeth. Chips, breaks, and discoloration can all occur over time. Additionally, many of our patients struggle with misaligned or disproportionate smiles. Morgantown Dent...

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