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Anthony Bermea

Anthony Bermea

You don’t think of your teeth as anything important until you see a 100% turnaround in yourself. I never knew something like this could happen for me, but it has and it’s completely changed my life.

People often wonder whether the grass is greener on the other side. Well, Anthony Bermea can’t speak for grass, but he can speak for his teeth—which are now straighter, whiter, and healthier thanks to Morgantown Dental Group.

Anthony said growing up he felt his problematic teeth were always holding him back. He admitted that he didn’t take much care of them because he felt it was a lost cause. And when he landed a job that required constant travel from Texas to West Virginia, he had even less time to focus on his oral health.

It wasn’t until one night out in Morgantown where he met “Dr. Ed” Hawkins that he decided to take a step in the right direction. He made an appointment at Morgantown Dental Group.

Anthony’s first visit was a regular cleaning with Dr. Josh Dolin, where he nonchalantly voiced his concerns about his teeth. Dr. Dolin suggested to him porcelain veneers.

“I was really just inquiring about it at the time,” Anthony shrugged. He was most skeptical about being able to afford the procedure. “We started a consultation right there and then, Josh printed me up the numbers, and I said ‘Let’s do it!’”

Anthony was thrilled that Morgantown Dental Group worked with him to implement a payment plan that was within his budget.

He admitted that after seeing the mold of his teeth, it was difficult for him to envision a correction. But, he trusted his dentist, and after three sessions and about four months, he was smiling wider than ever before.

“I was worried about how they were going to be. They look natural, they feel natural… Dr. Dolin is seriously an artist,” Anthony stated.

Though he had many issues with his teeth that had to be corrected, Anthony felt he got personalized care from Dr. Dolin and the rest of the MDG staff throughout the entire process.

“I couldn’t have asked for anything else. The way [Dr. Dolin] was, the way his staff was… I remember thinking ‘I want to come back to these people. They seem like they know what they’re doing,’” Anthony explained.

He is so proud of his smile that he now sees Dr. Dolin for teeth cleanings every three months.

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